sp 4c

01 07 25


Description Collective housing

Location Saavedra, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Area 900 m2

Team Florencia Lopez Iriquin, Natalia Kahanoff, Lucila Ottolenghi, Luciana Casoy, Jimena Jalife, Dina Zvik

The project was conceived so that all units receive natural light at all times of the day, one full floor per floor that follows the path of the sun. Special attention has been paid to the views towards the park from the balconies and proposes the greatest number of facades and spatial experiences possible within the same home. Working with brick masonry allows the generation of different patterns that generate light filters and different levels of privacy. One home is developed per floor and its open access walkways can be unpredictable expansions of its inhabitants. Within each home, the sleeping spaces are distanced through a corridor that runs through the common patio to reach the most social and shared place in the home.


Architecture studio

Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 911 5581 4903

Formed by Lucila Ottolenghi, Natalia Kahanoff, Luciana Casoy y Florencia Lopez Iriquin in the City of Buenos Aires. His main interest lies in the realization of projects and materialization of single-family and collective housing, both in transformations of pre-existing and in new construction. His professional practice also addresses the field of teaching and both theoretical and practical research. It is a space for work and friendship that combines diverse but defined roles. Each project is taken as a field of inquiry to experiment with approach methods that allow heterogeneous results at all scales.

Website: Pinkus