casa mat cr

03 08 22


Description Single family Home

Location Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Area 380 m2

Team Florencia Lopez Iriquin, Natalia Kahanoff, Lucila Ottolenghi, Luciana Casoy, Jimena Jalife

Two years after the completion of the mat house located in José Ignacio, Uruguay, the proposal for its growth arises. Following the logic of configuration in sections, the wooden structure moves towards both sides to house new living spaces. Towards the east, a large common indoor-outdoor space extends as a winter garden that can be opened completely and receives overhead light. It expands towards the back, generating a new separate kitchen with its complementary storage and storage spaces. Towards the west, the most intimate sectors of the house extend through an exterior passage. A single volume appears in height to house a work and rest space that acts as a roof for a more intimate, semi-covered living space. It is then completed with a large room on the ground floor with the same logic as the preexisting one.


Architecture studio

Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 911 5581 4903

Formed by Lucila Ottolenghi, Natalia Kahanoff, Luciana Casoy y Florencia Lopez Iriquin in the City of Buenos Aires. His main interest lies in the realization of projects and materialization of single-family and collective housing, both in transformations of pre-existing and in new construction. His professional practice also addresses the field of teaching and both theoretical and practical research. It is a space for work and friendship that combines diverse but defined roles. Each project is taken as a field of inquiry to experiment with approach methods that allow heterogeneous results at all scales.

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