casa blanca

03 06 24


Description Single family Home

Location Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Area 180 m2

Team Florencia Lopez Iriquin, Natalia Kahanoff, Lucila Ottolenghi, Luciana Casoy, Jimena Jalife

A house - a wall block with perforations, pierced to ensure that each place has a particular material/spatial quality. The first operation considers decompressing through patios with different characteristics depending on the relationship between places: patios with walls and without a cover, inlets of the landscape that separate volumes and semi-covered ones contained by walls. On the other hand, the spaces with greater privacy and protection behave like independent capsules organized in such a way that they can have, even when they are further away, the views towards the best orientation. The rooms share a generic storage space that is attached to the independent block, (container for stairs, bathroom and library) free-standing, surrounding. Another premise/operation consists of the possibility of future growth. The proposal allows this extension to be carried out without modifying any roof or growing in height. An imperceptible growth - completion from the outside so that the transformation is inhabited from the internal experience. A walkway that today leads to the accessible terrace is planned to be stretched as a platform - tray that composes a new space in height and in any case allows (not without spatial variations) that the natural light from the ceiling continues to enter the interior.


Architecture studio

Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 911 5581 4903

Formed by Lucila Ottolenghi, Natalia Kahanoff, Luciana Casoy y Florencia Lopez Iriquin in the City of Buenos Aires. His main interest lies in the realization of projects and materialization of single-family and collective housing, both in transformations of pre-existing and in new construction. His professional practice also addresses the field of teaching and both theoretical and practical research. It is a space for work and friendship that combines diverse but defined roles. Each project is taken as a field of inquiry to experiment with approach methods that allow heterogeneous results at all scales.

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